Heart Rate Monitor


A comfortable Heart Rate Monitor which you connect via Bluetooth to your GPS Sports Tracker. Monitor your real-time, accurate heart rate while you train, review and analyze it during or after workouts.

When combined with our GPS Sports Tracker, it allows you to measure 26 players statistics, that are later displayed in the Sonda Sports app.

Thanks to this information, you will be able to enhance your players/children development, by making training decisions based on reliable data, while providing them with valuable, data-based feedback. This will help to keep them motivated, while also reducing the risk of dangerous injuries, by helping you to control a player's workload.

For the complete list of statistics measured, please see below.

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- Provides live, accurate heart rate
- Waterproof heart rate sensor compatible with Sonda Sports all Apple iPhone, iPads, and Android Devices
- Strong battery life
- Dual technology: ANT + and Bluetooth Smart
- Suitable for indoor & outdoor sports

The complete list of statistics measured by our system:

- Speed
- Heart Rate
- Speed Thresholds
- Heart Rate thresholds
- Position Heat Map
- Total distance covered
- Total training duration
- Avg. speed
- Avg. heart rate
- Training Impulse (TRIMP)
- Player Load (PL)
- High Intensity Distance (HID)
- Very High Intensity Distance (VHID)
- High Metabolic Load Distance (HMLD)
- Metabolic Power (MP)
- Sum of running at >85% of individual HR max (RZ)
- Accelerations & Decelerations
- Internal Efficiency
- External Efficiency
- Training Impulse / Total Distance
- Training Impulse / High Intensity Distance
- Speed at LT (Lactate Threshold)
- Speed at AT (Anaerobic Threshold)
- Speed / Heart Rate
- Injury risk:
a) Internal & External Efficiency
b) Training Volume & Intensity

For details, please check our Compendium of Knowledge - https://sondasports.com/Compendium_of_Knowledge.pdf



62 × 38 × 12.5 mm


16.2 g

Water resistant


Dual technology

ANT+ and BLE

Transmission distance

2 m

HRM Module housing material

RoHs compliant polymer

HRM Strap material

Elastic Textile

Battery model


Battery life

600 hours on average

Operating temperature

-10°C to +50°C / 14°F to 122°F

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