GPS Sports Tracker


An extremely precise 10Hz GPS/GLONASS GPS Sports Tracker allows you to determine position, speed, distance and acceleration with a high level of accuracy. It will let you monitor your physical fitness based on reliable data, providing both basic information and advanced analysis.

Sonda Sports GPS Sports Tracker, combined with our Heart Rate Monitor, allows you to measure 26 players statistics, that are later displayed in the Sonda Sports app.

Keep this lightweight device with you during workouts and games to prevent injuries and monitor your performance.

For the complete list of statistics measured, please see below.

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GPS Sports Tracker by Sonda Sports contains GPS/GLONASS 10 Hz positioning system. The Tracker precisely records each movement, its intensity and body’s reaction. Our device was primarily designed to be used in team sports like football, soccer, rugby and field hockey.

Thanks to this information, you will be able to enhance your players/children development, by making training decisions based on reliable data.

Provide them with valuable, data-based feedback, to keep them motivated. This device is also useful for reducing the risk of dangerous injuries, by controlling a player's workload.

Our GPS Sports Tracker is equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.

Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery provides continuous work for 6 hours - which should be enough for a couple of training sessions.

When in range of a Wi-Fi connection, data is automatically sent to the Amazon Cloud, without wires and any hassle. All the collected data is secure and belongs to you.

The complete list of statistics measured by our system:

- Speed
- Heart Rate
- Speed Thresholds
- Heart Rate thresholds
- Position Heat Map
- Total distance covered
- Total training duration
- Avg. speed
- Avg. heart rate
- Training Impulse (TRIMP)
- Player Load (PL)
- High-Intensity Distance (HID)
- Very High-Intensity Distance (VHID)
- High Metabolic Load Distance (HMLD)
- Metabolic Power (MP)
- Sum of running at >85% of individual HR max (RZ)
- Accelerations & Decelerations
- Internal Efficiency
- External Efficiency
- Training Impulse / Total Distance
- Training Impulse /High-Intensity Distance
- Speed at LT (Lactate Threshold)
- Speed at AT (Anaerobic Threshold)
- Speed / Heart Rate
- Injury risk:
a) Internal & External Efficiency
b) Training Volume & Intensity

For details, please check our Compendium of Knowledge -


Outdoor positioning system


WLAN interface

WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Antenna diversity system for improved signal quality

RADIO interface

Reliable radio data link up to 500m

Bluetooth interface

BLE 4.1


3D, 2-16 G


3D, 2000 deg/s


3D, 2-16 gauss

Heart rate

Bluetooth LE HRM sensor compatibility

LED indicator

Multi-color LED lighting ring


1 GB internal flash
18h offline training data


Lithium-polymer rechargeable
Battery life: 6h



Haptic actuator

LRA microsolution

Temperature sensor**

-30 °C – +80 °C, 16-bit resolution

Pressure sensor**

260-1260 hPa


Ø 55 mm
17 mm


39 g


for future purposes

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